Greetings from CEO

“Environment-friendly, where nature and human beings coexist together”



Park Jun Nam

Our synthetic wood (WPC) is an innovative product that complements the problems of existing wood with the purpose of saving nature, and it is an ambitiously developed product under the slogan of saving the environment for the 21st century.

YESTIMBER developed by KYUNG-DONG INDUSTRY Co., Ltd.  is an eco-friendly product that is stronger than wood with resistance to water and insects with high durability, and has no harmful ingredients to humans.

KYUNG-DONG INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Is the first company in Korea to have the latest equipment and its own research technology. It has grown steadily based on trust with customers and has become a leader in the 21st century of building material production. We will meet customer expectations with cost reduction, productivity improvement, and the best quality through the best facility investment and continuous technology development.

We will always strive to become a company that is trusted by customers never losing the sight of our goals.



Park Jun Nam, President, KYUNG-DONG INDUSTRY CO., LTD