Yes Timber

The new material to replace the wood while reproducing the natural texture and beauty of the wood is ‘synthetic wood’.

YESTIMBER is produced using wood dust and polymer by special method in which the wood protects the polymer from ultraviolet rays and the polymer protects the wood from moisture. It is an ideal material for construction and landscaping purposes.

Certified for maximum performance and quality

YESTIMBER is an eco-friendly product that has been approved by Korea Small and Medium Business Administration and approved for performance and quality in Korea.

YESTIMBER’s excellence is well known in more than 20 developed countries such as Europe, Asia and Oceania, and has become a global leader in the synthetic wood market with its unrivaled R&D investment based on abundant synthetic wood material resources and accumulated technology.

YESTIMBER’s brand power is a result of competitive advantage in both the price and quality.


Quality advantages compared to wood products

It is highly waterproof, resistant to insect damages, and does not require painting. Furthermore, it is 5 to 6 times stronger than ordinary logs and is resistant to temperature changes. It has a relatively high durability because it does not corrode, decay, twist or crack.


It can be customized in various forms, and can be used for flooring, railing, shelf, passageways, fence door, warehouses, benches, furniture, flower beds, interiors, swimming pools, saunas (steam bath room), veranda, log houses, etc.

More economical products

Compared to other reinforced wooden materials, our products are price competitive. The easy repair and maintenance saves you time, labor and expenses, further improving efficiency. In addition, YES TIMBER is offered in various modules of uniform length and width, making installation easy, shortening construction time and conserving materials.

Long-lasting colors

One of the biggest issues of synthetic wood was discoloring but YES TIMBER does not show hardly any discoloring even with time passing.  Although there may be a slight change to the color, it is a naturally looking change that makes it look like real wood.

Comparison of YESTIMBER with natural timber

CategoryYES TIMBERAmerican PineHardwood (Merbau)
AdvantagesVirtually permanent as it will not rotInexpensive and easy to useMuch more durable compared to American
DisadvantagesToo strong to be nailed down
Vulnerable to shock.
Cracks and surface wear are apparent,
Poor Durability.
Subject to discoloration and cracks, nails cannot be used.
Construction is difficult.
Treatment PaintingNo need for treatment
or paint
No need for treatment
or paint
Treatment is not possible
Painting required
Durability25~30 years3~5 years5~7 years
Initial investment cost140,000 won100,000 wo130,000 won
Maintenance cost5,000 won20,000 won20,000 won
Maintenance HistoryNot requiredCleaning agent 2,000 won
Painting repair agent 8,000 won
Labor cost 10,000 won
Cleaning agent 2.000 won
Painting repair agent 8,000 won
Labor cost 10.000 won