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“Environment-friendly, where nature and human beings coexist together”

Destruction of nature such as indiscriminate logging is causing serious environmental problems throughout the world. Environment-friendly synthetic timber produced by YESTIMBER has no harmful chemicals or additives and does not contain any heavy metals. YESTIMBER creates environmentally friendly life for mankind where forests breathe; birds fly and harmonize with nature.


New Architectural Aesthetics created with Innovative materials

YESTIMBER is an innovative new material that is fully integrated with practicality, functionality and aesthetic beauty, while preserving the natural texture and naturalness of the wood, while dramatically improving the vulnerability of the natural wood (absorption, contraction, expansion, discoloration and corrosion). YESTIMBER, which is produced by chemically bonding recycled wood (wood powder) with polymer resin and manufactured by special set pattern, is emerging as a new innovation material in the architectural and landscaping market with several times more strength and abrasion resistance than conventional wood.


“Brand power to create the future with the power of technology ”

YESTIMBER’s excellence is well known in more than 20 developed countries such as Europe, Asia and Oceania, and has become a global leader in the synthetic wood market with its unrivaled R&D investment based on abundant synthetic wood material resources and accumulated technology. YESTIMBER’s brand power is a result of competitive advantage in both the price and quality.

Eco-friendly Synthetic Wood YESTIMBER boasts excellent durability compared to other exterior materials.

YESTIMBER is the first KS certified product in the “synthetic wood sector'.

  • Quality advantages compared to wood products
    It is highly waterproof, resistant to insect damages, and does not require painting. Furthermore, it is 5 to 6 times stronger than ordinary logs and is resistant to temperature changes. It has a relatively high durability because it does not corrode, decay, twist or crack.
  • Price
    It is highly competitive compared to other high-strength wood products and when considering the ease of maintenance, the savings in labor and other expenses can be even greater.  In addition, YESTIMBER comes in a module form with uniform length and width, simplifying construction, saving construction time and loss of materials

YESTIMBER is an eco-friendly product that has been recognized by Korea Small and Medium Business Administration for its superior performance and quality. YESTIMBER’s excellence is well known in more than 20 developed countries including Europe, Asia, Oceania, etc., and has become a global leader in the synthetic wood market with its excellent synthetic wood materials, accumulated technology and unlimited R&D investment.